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  • The Opioid Addiction Epidemic

    There is a nationwide opioid addiction problem that has reached epidemic proportions. It isn’t that everyone is at risk. But those that are at risk are likely unaware and would never dream of using heroin. This has forced the issue to the front pages, and treatment and prevention efforts are underway. We’ve posted many articles Read More

  • California Hub and Spoke System for Opioid Use Disorders

    The state of California is implementing a new program for treating those with opioid use disorder (OUD). With heroin and prescription drug addiction increasing, along with overdose deaths, the new Hub and Spoke System (H&SS) will focus on medication assisted treatment (MAT) as a means to reverse these trends. Specialized addiction centers will act as Read More

  • Instructions for Naloxone Use

    Opioid overdoses have increased over the past few years, and Tarzana Treatment Centers is prescribing Naloxone as part of the effort to reverse the rising trend of overdose deaths. Naloxone is a medication meant to halt an overdose as it is occurring. The medication is most popular in the form of a nasal spray that Read More

  • Recovery Month 2017

    September is Recovery Month. Tarzana Treatment Centers participates by holding internal celebrations and events. We would also like to take this opportunity to share some of the latest treatment news. TTC has made the efforts to improve Substance Use treatment outcomes for almost a half-century, and we will continue doing so every month of the Read More

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