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  • California’s New Vaccination Law

    If you live in California and have young children, you need to know about the new vaccination law that was signed by Governor Brown last month. Even if you already follow the vaccine guidelines, you should at least get the basic Read More

  • Smoke Free at Tarzana Treatment Centers

    Tarzana Treatment Centers has been gradually implementing smoke free environments in our facilities for over a decade. There was a time when smoking was permitted in almost every outdoor area, and we now have locations that are completely smoke free. Read More

  • Marijuana Use Among High School Seniors

    Parents of adolescents learn all that they can about marijuana use among high school seniors. Even if the 12th grade is some time away, awareness of how and why teens started smoking pot will be valuable down the road. Knowing Read More

  • Medi-Cal Use and Cost Comparison

    The infographic below about Medi-Cal use and cost shows why integrated care service providers are needed to lower health care costs. Aside from the fact that integrated primary care, mental health, and behavioral health treatment services improves outcomes and offers convenience, Read More

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