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  • Interesting Hub & Spoke Article

    Tarzana Treatment Centers is a Hub for the California Hub & Spoke System (CA H&SS). You may be wondering what that means if you haven’t been following addiction treatment news. CA H&SS is program for treating opioid addiction with medications. We could go into the details, but it may be more interesting to read this Read More

  • Making Detox More Comfortable

    Opioid addicts are well-familiar with the feelings of withdrawal. They signal the end of a heroin or prescription painkiller high, and when it’s time for another hit. The gauge is set for how much “sickness” they can handle, and they continue using, in part, to avoid that feeling. Knowing that detox would push beyond those Read More

  • Detox or Medication – Your Choice

    When an opioid addict is ready to quit, detox is thought to be the only option to begin the process. This is no longer the case, though, as Medication Assisted Treatments (MAT) have improved along with methodologies. Now heroin and prescription drug addicts have a choice, whether it’s their first or fifth attempt at recovery. Read More

  • MAT vs Detox Cost, and Patient Needs

    An article in the LA Times can give you some insight into the cost of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) vs the standard of medical detoxification. Cost is important, and the writer’s points are well-taken. It’s also important to point out that both methods of treatment are needed, which is why both are offered at Tarzana Read More

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