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  • Marijuana Use Among High School Seniors

    Parents of adolescents learn all that they can about marijuana use among high school seniors. Even if the 12th grade is some time away, awareness of how and why teens started smoking pot will be valuable down the road. Knowing Read More

  • Medi-Cal Use and Cost Comparison

    The infographic below about Medi-Cal use and cost shows why integrated care service providers are needed to lower health care costs. Aside from the fact that integrated primary care, mental health, and behavioral health treatment services improves outcomes and offers convenience, Read More

  • Study – The Brain and Cocaine

    In the early days of drug abuse awareness campaigns, a series of commercials ran comparing a frying egg to your brain on drugs. Remember “Any questions?” While they painted a pretty frightening picture of the damage drugs do to their Read More

  • CA Budget Supports HIV and Hep C Services

    Tarzana Treatment Centers provides a variety of services for individuals affected by HIV and Hepatitis C. We have for many years, and we plan to continue to for as long as they are needed. Because of this, we’re always please Read More

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