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  • TTC on CNN Health News

    Tarzana Treatment Centers (TTC) was featured in a Kaiser Health News article that was posted on the CNN Health News website. It’s always nice to get that kind of exposure, and it’s even better that the content explains the value of Integrated Care services. There is this excerpt, for example: Please take a look at Read More

  • It’s Norovirus Season

    Now that the holidays are just about over, we can talk about something that isn’t so joyous. Norovirus. Norovirus is very contagious and you can catch it at any time of the year, although Winter is the time when most cases are reported. You may know it as the “stomach flu”, and it’s sometimes considered to Read More

  • Greenlight a Vet on Veterans Day

    In honor of Veterans Day, join us in saying: Thank you to all who have served in the Military! As a symbol of our appreciation, we are joining with the Greenlight A Vet effort this year at all of our locations. Across the country, people, organizations, and businesses will turn on a green light at Read More

  • Drug Medi-Cal Addiction Treatment

    Drug Medi-Cal currently covers addiction treatment in a way that can work for many who suffer from alcoholism, heroin or prescription drug addictions. Until residential treatment becomes a covered benefit in 2016, services like detox, outpatient, and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) are available. When alcoholics or addicts hit bottom, they are at the lowest point of Read More

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