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  • MAT vs Detox Cost, and Patient Needs

    An article in the LA Times can give you some insight into the cost of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) vs the standard of medical detoxification. Cost is important, and the writer’s points are well-taken. It’s also important to point out that both methods of treatment are needed, which is why both are offered at Tarzana Read More

  • Preventing Post-Detox Relapse

    When an individual discharges from an inpatient medical detoxification program, the risk of relapse is high if they don’t enter a step-down treatment program immediately. Cravings are almost always an issue. In order to reduce the chance that a relapse, overdose, or even a death might occur, the logical answer is to deal with the Read More

  • Fear of Opioid Withdrawal

    Cravings are a major reason that heroin and prescription opioid addicts relapse or delay getting into treatment. What drives cravings in the mind is pretty complicated, but one big part of them is the fear of withdrawal symptoms. “I’ll stop tomorrow” is the recurring thought. Withdrawals from opioids feel like a bad case of the Read More

  • Combatting the Opioid Crisis a National Health Emergency – What it Means

    The President today declared the effort to combat the opioid crisis a national health emergency. The issue has been quietly lurking for years across the nation, with more attention being paid to it on a federal level over the past couple of years. This does not mean that extra funding will be immediately available for Read More

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