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  • Tennessee Advisory for Hep C

    Tennessee has released a Public Health Advisory for Hep C. You may think that doesn’t have an effect out here in California, but that isn’t necessarily so. When people travel from Tennessee to California, they don’t leave Hep C at Read More

  • Exercise Your Brain

    The US News and World report article, Exercise Is Good For Your Brain, opened with an enticing paragraph: Anyone that has watched a loved one slip into dementia or go through the stages of Alzheimer’s knows the pain that a family Read More

  • Long-Term Opioid Use and Nicotine

    Is there a connection between nicotine addiction and long-term opioid use? According to an article posted on, there may be. It references a small study that found 1 in 4 people prescribed an opioid for the first time went Read More

  • e-Cigs and Teens

    e-cigs and teens don’t mix well. Former smokers that turned to vaping can have their debate, but we’ve known for years that nicotine is dangerous to youths. At the very least, adolescents are highly susceptible to becoming addicted, and nicotine Read More

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