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  • Could Telehealth Reduce Suicide Rates?

    The likely answer is Yes. A Time article, This Is Where Young People Are More Likely to Commit Suicide, covered a study revealing that rural areas have higher youth suicide rates compared to cities. Lack of access to mental health services and Read More

  • Substance Use Among Seniors

    As people age, physical, social, and financial changes can add stress to their daily lives. Or maybe pain or surgery has them using prescription painkillers. Then again, a leisurely retirement results in increased social drinking. These are only three examples Read More

  • New ONDCP Director is in Long Term Recovery

    The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) has a new Director that recently celebrated 26 years in recovery. Michael P. Botticelli was confirmed by the US Senate on Monday with a 92-0 vote. His personal and professional experience makes for a Read More

  • Brain Images Show Common Structures for Addiction and Mental Health

    An article in Medical News Today discusses how analysis of brain images reveal that Several mental disorders share changes in certain brain regions. While it’s interesting, and the findings could lead to future therapies, it isn’t a surprise to those of Read More

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