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Stan Galperson, Psy.D.
Director of Residential and Outpatient Programs

Albert M. Senella
President and Chief Executive Officer

Angela Knox, MBA
Director of Long Beach Services

Silvia Cadena

Tom Martinez , M.S.W.
Director of Community Programs and Services

Ken Bachrach, Ph.D.
Clinical Director

Alesia Ping-DiFiore
Director Youth Services, Antelope Valley

Duane Carmalt, M.D.
Medical Director

Keith Ian Star, MFT, MBA
Director of Inpatient and Detoxification Programs

Donna Rios, MS, PA-C
Director of Nursing

Marylee Miodovski, RN, MS,HCA
Director of Primary Care Centers and HIV Specialty Services

Jose Salazar Dr. PH.
Director of Program Development

Hank Seiden
Director of Business Development

Jim Sorg, Ph.D.
Director of Information Technology

Gina Trinidad
Director of Human Resources

Albert M. Senella, President and Chief Executive Officer
For over 21 years, Albert M. Senella (President and Chief Executive Officer) has guided a progressive range of integrated behavioral healthcare services at Tarzana Treatment Center. In this capacity, he has developed a range of drug/alcohol treatment* and integrated health, mental health, and primary care services responsive to the needs of uninsured, low income Los Angeles residents as well as persons with private resources. In response to the growing HIV epidemic, these services were interwoven with comprehensive HIV prevention, intervention and treatment services, creating a nationally recognized model of HIV services for drug users. Under Mr. Senella's leadership, Tarzana's services have more recently expanded to include two family primary care clinics (San Fernando Valley and Antelope Valley), and case management and treatment programs tailored specifically for prison parolees. Mr. Senella has primary oversight of the agency's budget comprised of government and private funding. As President of the California Association of Alcohol and Drug Program Executives (CAADPE), California's largest and most diverse association, Mr. Senella is an active member of many state and local advisory bodies. Most recently, his advocacy has served to assist State legislators, policymakers and other leaders to recognize the contribution and potential of behavioral healthcare and drug/alcohol treatment agencies in major new initiatives such as Welfare and Healthcare Reform. In addition to his role at Tarzana Treatment Center, Mr. Senella has administered services at the Erikson Center for Adolescent Advancement and San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Centers, Inc.
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*including residential, detoxification and rehabilitation, women-specific residential (in Long Beach), transitional living (sober living) houses, drug court, outpatient and aftercare services.
  Jim Sorg, Ph.D., Director of Information Technology
Jim Sorg, Ph.D., joined Tarzana Treatment Centers as Director of Information Technology in 2000. He is responsible for the planning and management of Tarzana's application of information and telecommunication resources. Prior to his work with TTC, he spent over 30 years working as a consultant for alcohol and drug treatment programs on information technology, management, and program evaluation . Jim received his Ph.D. from Ohio State University's School of Public Policy and Management.
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Hank Seiden, Director of Business Development
Hank Seiden holds a bachelor of science degree in business administration and has been Director of Business Development at Tarzana Treatment Centers since 1994. In his more than 15 years of business experience, Mr. Seiden has focused on the Medical Managed Care area. He has responsibility for business development, marketing and public relations for all of Tarzana Treatment Centers' locations. He has the responsibility of increasing Tarzana Treatment Centers' private pay, private insurance and managed care clientele, as well as assisting with public funding. Mr. Seiden has helped Tarzana Treatment Centers become a fully-integrated behavioral healthcare organization through his efforts in the area of primary care. Mr. Seiden served as a commissioner on the Los Angeles County HIV Commission. He has received national recognition as an emerging leader in the behavioral healthcare field. He has also been a member of the Board of the Los Angeles County Employee Assistance Professionals
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Silvia Cadena, Director Of Finance
Silvia Cadena, CPA, has worked for Tarzana Treatment Centers since 1979. She oversees the spending and management of funds on a daily basis, ensuring that these funds are spent in accordance with fiscal policy. As a member of the Board of Directors since 1984, she continues to provide sound advice for many of the organization's financial issues. Ms. Cadena is a Certified Public Accountant, and earned her degree in accounting from Central University, Ecuador in 1969.
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Stan Galperson, Psy.D., Director of Residential and Outpatient Programs
As Director of the Residential and Outpatient Programs at Tarzana Treatment Centers in Tarzana, Dr. Galperson oversees one of the largest rehabilitation programs in Los Angeles County . He has held both clinical and administrative positions in several well-known treatment facilities since 1986. He holds a Master's Degree in Counseling, and earned his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 1995. He became a member of the Tarzana Treatment Center management team in January of 1996.
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  Tom Martinez , M.S.W., Director of Community Programs & Services
Tom Martinez has worked in the Los Angeles area in the fields of HIV and Recovery since 1997, when he joined the Tarzana Treatment Center Team. He came to Tarzana Treatment Center as a Social Worker Case Manager, in the Home Health Program. He was promoted to Supervisor of that department, and eventually took on added responsibilities. Tom was named Director of Community Programs and Services in May of 2004. Tom received his MSW from LSU and his undergraduate degree from Nicholls State University.
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Donna Rios, MS, PA-C , Director of Nursing
Donna Rios became Tarzana Treatment Center ’s Director of Nursing in 2005, after having worked as lead Physician Assistant in Primary care since it’s inception, in 1995. Donna is a graduate of Loma Linda School of Medicine for Physician Assistants, and has been an RN since 1971 .
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  Ken Bachrach, Ph.D., Clinical Director
Ken Bachrach, Ph.D. has been Clinical Director of Tarzana Treatment Centers since 1987. He is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and has over 15 years of experience in the assessment and treatment of chemically dependent and dually diagnosed individuals. He has trained thousands of other mental health professionals in these areas. Dr. Bachrach has written and overseen, as Principal Investigator, local and federally-funded grants for the treatment of chemical dependency with special populations (e.g., women, HIV+ individuals). He is a Qualified Medical Evaluator, a member of the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, and he holds a Certificate of Proficiency in substance abuse treatment from the American Psychological Association.
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Duane Carmalt, M.D., Medical Director
Duane Carmalt, M.D., is double Board Certified as an Internal Medicine Physician as well as an Infectious Disease Specialist. His extensive medical training started at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland and continued at Duke University School of Medicine in North Carolina. Dr. Carmalt went on to complete his internship at the University of Oklahoma Hospitals before moving west to fulfill his residency at the Veterans Administration Wadsworth –UCLA Affiliated Hospitals, in Los Angeles, CA. Specializing in infectious diseases, Dr. Carmalt did additional fellowship training at V.A. Wadsworth as well as at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center for Health Sciences. Dr. Carmalt has served patients in the capacity of Emergency Physician, Director of Emergency Department, Medical Director, Medical Consultant and Staff Physician at well-known hospitals and medical centers including Encino Hospital, Tarzana Psychiatric Hospital and the Medical Center of Tarzana.
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  Jose Salazar, Dr. PH., Director of Program Development
José C. Salazar, Dr.PH, holds a Master's and Doctoral degree in Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley. Since 1988, he has worked in the substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, and mental health fields as a counselor, health educator, community organizer, researcher, and administrator. He has been the primary translator (English to Spanish) of various research studies, and has co-translated The Wellness Guide, an 80-page booklet published by the UC Berkeley Center for Community Wellness. Dr. Salazar is also the co-author of Essential Spanish for Social Services, a Living Language/Random House publication. He is a member of the American Public Health Association (APHA) and American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), and routinely conducts presentations on various health topics at local and national conferences.
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Gina Trinidad, Director of Human Resources
As Director of Human Resources, Gina Trinidad oversees the human resources management functions at all Tarzana Treatment Center facilities and manages the human resources needs of over 500 employees. She is responsible for the development, administration and implementation of Human Resources policies and procedures, directs HR functions including benefits administration, worker's compensation, recruitment and employee relations. She has worked in hospitals and geriatric facilities in the LA area for the past 12 years and specializes in healthcare human resources management and generalist functions. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Arts. Gina joined Tarzana Treatment Centers in 2002.
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Keith Ian Star, MFT, MBA, Director of Inpatient and Detoxification Programs
Keith Star has re-joined Tarzana Treatment Centers. He currently oversees the clinical and administrative operations of Inpatient and Detoxification Services. Keith was previously the Outpatient Services Director for Tarzana Treatment Centers from 1987 to 1995. Prior to returning to Tarzana Treatment Centers in 2005, he worked extensively in Managed Care for PacifiCare Behavioral Health, Managed Health Network and Health Net. Keith is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has over 16 years of experience in the assessment and treatment of chemically dependent and dually diagnosed individuals. He holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix . K eith is also a member of various boards and organizations in the community. He has appeared on local and national media and has authored a self study HIV/AIDS continuing education manual for MFT’s and LCSW’s.
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    Alesia Ping-DiFiore, Director of Youth Services in Antelope Valley
Alesia Ping-DiFiore joined Tarzana Treatment Centers in 2006 as Director of Youth Services for Antelope Valley. Alesia has 22 years of experience providing direct care and administrative services to youth and their families in a social services environment. She is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the Youth Residential and Outpatient programs, located in Lancaster. Alesia holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management.
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    Marylee Miodovski, RN, MS,HCA, Director of Primary Care Centers and HIV Specialty Services
Before coming to Tarzana Treatment Centers, Marylee had served in healthcare administration for forty years. Her experience in the public and private sector includes ambulatory , acute , emergency medicine and program development and implementation. Marylee’s career has been centered on direct patient care, either in a hands-on capacity or in nursing administration . Her leadership has benefited notable organizations including Martin Luther King Multi-Specialties Ambulatory Care Center, Martin Luther King/Drew Medical Center, Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitation Center, Kaiser Permanente and Health Care Partners. Along with her Master’s Degree in Health Care Administration, she brings expertise in Patient Centered Medical Homes and Telehealth Services. In 2010, Marylee was name County of Los Angeles Star for chairing Los Angeles DHS Wide first ambulatory care nurse competencies. In 2011, she was also name County of Los Angeles Super Star for her work on the same committee.
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    Angela L. Knox, MBA, Director of Long Beach Services
Angela has 23 years of substance abuse treatment experience specializing in providing direct care and administrative services to women in prison, women and children in community based settings and their families. Angela was instrumental in the start up of the Forever Free Program at the California Institution for Women (CIW), the first in-prison substance abuse treatment program for women. Angela served in various capacities there, from counselor to Program Director. Her experience and knowledge prepared her to assist in starting and serving as Director of the first Family Foundations Program (FFP), an Alternative Sentencing Program for pregnant and parenting female inmates and their children. She successfully built a dynamic treatment team, and now FFP Santa Fe Springs is considered a model correctional treatment program for women and children. Angela is a member of Soroptimist International of Norwalk Club, and received the "Woman of Distinction" award in 2006, for "Making a Difference for Women”. Angela joined Tarzana Treatment Center in December, 2007, and is responsible for the day to day operations of the Women and Children's residential and outpatient programs in Long Beach, California.
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