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Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Since Marijuana is the most commonly abused illicit drug in the United States, our Marijuana addiction treatment center focuses not only on the drug itself, but on helping patients to develop the psychological, life skills needed for building a satisfying, drug-free lifestyle.

No matter what name is used: pot, blunt, dope, grass, Mary Jane, MJ, weed, ganja or any other current street name, the focus of any marijuana addiction drug treatment center needs to provide a safe, supportive and structured environment with goals that address educational, social, emotional, spiritual, legal, vocational, family and medical needs.

In terms of names, don't be fooled. Some other terms for the drug include seemingly unrelated designations such as Bubble Gum, Northern Lights and Fruity Juice.

Tarzana Treatment Center's marijuana addiction drug treatment center is designed to address all of these concerns.

Marijuana is not harmless! The same changes in the brain attributed to use of cocaine and heroin are also identified in those who smoke marijuana. There is a heightened risk for lung infection, chronic cough, bronchitis and emphysema. Marijuana addiction treatment also needs to address aspects of the drug's effects that are often minimized by the user. As a result attention is paid to identifying deficiencies in alertness concentration, perception, coordination and reaction time in drug treatment - all necessary skills needed for safe driving, for example.

Since Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active chemical in marijuana, changes the way information is processed by the brain, it affects students whose ability to concentrate and retain information becomes impaired.

Every marijuana addiction drug treatment center provider has heard the protestation that marijuana is not addictive. While that may have been true 30 years ago, it no longer can be perceived as a benign drug. The current supply of the drug shows that the levels of THC increased from less than 1 % in the mid 1970s to more than 6% in current samples. Along with that come increases in the mind altering effects. Scientists at the National Institute on Drug Abuse advise marijuana addiction drug treatment center providers that they have proven that it is a psychologically addictive drug.

In addition, withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness, loss of appetite, shaking of hands, weight loss and trouble sleeping have also been observed.

Chemical dependency is a persistent, advancing disease that invades and disturbs all areas of a person's life and affects more that 10 million Americans from every walk of life.

Tarzana Treatment Centers provides comprehensive education on alcohol and drugs to adolescents, adults and families in adolescent drug treatment and in the community at large with emphasis on: Understanding the addictive process, utilizing new found strategies, improving functioning and facilitating sobriety

Tarzana Treatment center staff members frequently conduct presentations at public schools, civic group meetings, healthcare facilities, universities and professional conferences.

Focus on marijuana addiction drug treatment has been enhanced by funding opportunities provided by the federal government which sponsored the Cannabis Youth Treatment Study. This highly effective, evidence-based program has been adopted by Tarzana Treatment Centers to address marijuana addiction drug treatment. Tarzana Treatment Center's Effective Adolescent Drug Treatment program utilizes the sponsored approaches and has been successful in local schools, juvenile detention facilities and as part of our Juvenile Drug Court intervention.