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Alcohol Abuse Facts

National Alcohol Screening Day
Description: National Alcohol Screening Day (NASD), on April 9th, 2009, is a key annual event during Alcohol Awareness Month. The focus this year is on college students.

Alcohol Poisoning
Description: Somewhere between social drinking and alcohol dependence lies alcohol poisoning. It occurs at times of high stress or celebration with binge drinkers and alcohol abusers.

College Alcohol Facts
Description: Alcohol releases a person from inhibitions. Studies have concluded that alcohol has a negative effect on scholastic achievement, and increases crime on college campuses.

Why Some Adolescents Drink
Description: This section helps parents of teens identify signs of adolescent alcohol abuse and discuss treatment if necessary. Parents of young children may find ways to prevent problems.

Alcohol and Womens Health
Description: Studies have shown that women suffer effects from alcohol faster than men. If a woman has an alcohol dependence problem the risk is high she will have health problems early in life.

Alcohol and Women's Bones
Description: Women need to pay attention to bone health in order to avoid osteoporosis and other bone diseases. Alcohol abuse and dependence can negate the benefits from supplements.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Description: Children born with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) suffer at least one of many problems. Alcohol treatment can help for alcohol abuse and detox for alcohol dependence.

Senior Alcohol Withdrawal Dangers
Description: As we age we become more prone to problems related to alcohol. Senior alcohol abuse often is self-medicating for physical and emotional issues that afflict older men and women.

Senior Health Issues and Alcohol
Description: Alcoholism places a burden on deteriorating vital organs. Alcoholic seniors have high rates of heart, liver, and pancreas problems, and more severe depression and dementia.

Substance Dependence and the Economy
Description: Tough financial times are difficult for alcoholics and addicts. Those in recovery are at risk for relapse. Others may use alcohol or drugs to relieve the stress of a bad economy.

Women in Alcohol Treatment
Description: The percentages of women who enter alcohol treatment and remain through completion are lower than for men. Reasons appear to revolve around family and security.

Rethinking Drinking
Description: The NIAAA has posted a resource that helps people evaluate their drinking patterns and can encourage a person to change drinking habits before alcohol treatment is needed.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Effects on Oral Health
Description: Drug and alcohol abuse has many negative health effects. Not frequently discussed are the harmful effects that drugs and alcohol can have on the health of our oral health.

Living with your Liver
Description: If you or a loved one need help for alcoholism or drug addiction, and also suffer from liver disease, Tarzana Treatment Centers in Los Angeles can help.

Alcohol Abuse Facts
Description: Alcoholism is a disease — a chronic, progressive, fatal disease if not treated. Yet every year in the US more money is spent promoting the use of alcohol than any other product.

Alcohol Withdrawal
Description: In most cases medical detoxification can reverse the physical symptoms of withdrawal, opening the door to outpatient rehab or residential alcohol and drug treatment.

Facts About Alcohol
Description: Tarzana Treatment Centers in Los Angeles provides alcohol detox as part of our commitment to integrated behavioral healthcare in alcohol and drug treatment.

Understanding Alcoholism and Drug Addiction - Denial
Description: Alcoholics and drug addicts are well aware of the problems they face in life. But as far as they are concerned, alcohol or drugs are a solution and far from a problem.

Antisocial Behavior
Description: Adolescent alcohol abuse can mark the beginning of many future problems even if the youth avoids future alcohol dependence and abuse. Antisocial behavior is one result.

College Alcohol Consumption Rises with Low Prices
Description: While not everyone will engage in alcohol abuse on a regular basis just because it is cheap, this study provides an opportunity to explain one aspect of alcoholism.

Domestic Violence is Treatable
Description: While alcohol abuse or drug abuse may increase chances of a violent incident, and vice versa, one does not suggest the other exists.

Teen Substance Use - Prevention and Treatment
Description: There is no magic wand that will put an end to teen substance abuse. Prevention is an effort that must continue, though, because teens will otherwise not hear about consequences.

Alcohol Dependence and Drug Addiction -Tolerance
Description: It can be a safety mechanism to the body or deadly. Awareness of the subject is critical for anyone who engages in alcohol abuse or drug abuse, as well as those in recovery.

Senior Alcohol Abuse - Damaging Effects
Description: Many seniors are aware of the risks they face with heavy drinking and continue seemingly without care. Loved ones may feel helpless, but solutions exist.

Adolescent Alcohol Abuse – Prom Night
Description: To most teens, there is a sense of freedom involved that is typically supported by parents. Too many youths see this freedom as an open door to teen alcohol abuse.

Adolescent Drug Addiction – Don’t Discriminate
Description: Don’t be fooled by the idea that if you don’t catch your teen using strong drugs, then it is not a big deal. Too many parents don’t take action, and resort to minor punishments.

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