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Adolescent Alcohol Abuse

Adolescent Alcohol Abuse and Brain Development
Description: Behavior patterns and learning can suffer permanent negative effects. This offers a new sense of urgency in seeking adolescent alcohol treatment for teen alcohol abuse.

Why Some Adolescents Drink
Description: This section helps parents of teens identify signs of adolescent alcohol abuse and discuss treatment if necessary. Parents of young children may find ways to prevent problems.

Adolescent Alcohol and Marijuana Abuse
Description: With all that is known about alcohol’s effects on adolescent brain development, there needs to be more attention paid to teen alcohol abuse.

Family Alcoholism and Adolescents
Description: When children grow up in a household with alcoholism or addiction, they are at higher risk of abusing alcohol or drugs in adolescence.

Adolescent Alcohol Tolerance
Description: One side effect to adolescent alcohol abuse and binge drinking is tolerance. This ensures that when teens abuse alcohol on a regular basis, they will drink more on each occasion.

Alcohol and Women's Bones
Description: Women need to pay attention to bone health in order to avoid osteoporosis and other bone diseases. Alcohol abuse and dependence can negate the benefits from supplements.

Adolescent DUI Trends
Description: Tarzana Treatment Centers provides youth alcohol and drug treatment with medical detoxification for alcohol, heroin, and prescription drug dependence when it’s needed.

College Alcohol Abuse and Injuries
Description: When adolescents go back to college after a break, parents should remind them of the dangers of alcohol abuse.

Don’t feed alcohol to teens
Description: Adults are actually buying alcohol for adolescents when they know abuse will take place, even with all we know about alcohol’s effect on adolescent brain development.

Antisocial Behavior
Description: Adolescent alcohol abuse can mark the beginning of many future problems even if the youth avoids future alcohol dependence and abuse. Antisocial behavior is one result.

Gambling a Sign of Teen Alcohol or Drug Abuse?
Description: Teen behaviors are clues to parents that they are engaging in alcohol abuse or drug abuse. Gambling, for example, is a possible sign a youth has a future with alcohol and drug use.

SAMHSA Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse Reports by State
Description: Teen alcohol abuse and drug abuse can lead to problems with alcoholism and drug addiction. Now there is a comprehensive, state-by-state report from SAMHSA.

Adolescent Women and Alcohol or Drug Abuse
Description: If adolescent alcohol or drug treatment is not used to put a stop to substance abuse or dependence, adult treatment may need to be gender-specific.

Signs of Teen Alcohol or Drug Abuse
Description: Most parents take the “Not my kid” approach to teen alcohol and drug abuse. Statistics show, though, that many of them are not facing reality.

Age at First Drink and Alcohol Dependence
Description: Alcoholism onset depends, in general, on both genetic and environmental factors. And teen alcohol abuse increases the likelihood of future problems with alcoholism.

Teen Substance Use - Prevention and Treatment
Description: There is no magic wand that will put an end to teen substance abuse. Prevention is an effort that must continue, though, because teens will otherwise not hear about consequences.

Boston University Alcohol Screening Tool
Description: Most alcohol screening tools will assess users for alcohol dependence first, and then, if they are not, point them to informative content about alcohol abuse and dependence.

Alcohol Dependence and Drug Addiction -Tolerance
Description: It can be a safety mechanism to the body or deadly. Awareness of the subject is critical for anyone who engages in alcohol abuse or drug abuse, as well as those in recovery.

Adolescent Alcohol Abuse – Prom Night
Description: To most teens, there is a sense of freedom involved that is typically supported by parents. Too many youths see this freedom as an open door to teen alcohol abuse.

Adolescent Drug Addiction – Don’t Discriminate
Description: Don’t be fooled by the idea that if you don’t catch your teen using strong drugs, then it is not a big deal. Too many parents don’t take action, and resort to minor punishments.

Teen Alcohol and Drug Trends on Social Media

Underage Drinking Warning Sign

Teen Substance Use Treatment Prevents Adult Problems

Underage Drinking Prevention Campain

Summertime Teen Surveillance

Alcoholism and Addiction May be Home for the Holidays